3rd TokyoTech Liberal Arts Mini-symposium

3rd Tokyo Tech. Liberal Arts Mini-symposium

Beyond Prevention of Tokyo Disaster,

Sustainable Society and Economy

21th, January, 2017 (Sat.)
West-9, Ookayama

Mini-symposium (open to Titech Staffs and Students) Agenda

Secial Lecture
Miwa Abe (Kumamoto Univ., Organization forCommunity Development),What we could do at Evacuation Center in Our UniversityLessons -Learned from Kumamoto Earthquake 2016


Hiroyasu Yuhashi (Shizuoka Univ.), Effectof Evacuation from Nuclear Disaster to Local Society

Hiroshi OKAZAKI, M.D., (Japan Organizationof Occupational Health and Safety, Kanto Rosai Hospital), The role of medicalinstitutions in the event of a disaster

General Remarks
Tetsuya Mizumoto (Vice President of Tokyo Tech.)

Poster Presentation Award
Vice Preident Mizumoto, Yuji Wada (Dean of School of Materials and Chemical Technology, Tokyo Tech.), Dr. Yuhashi and Dr Okazzaki
水本副学長, 和田雄二(東京工業大学物質理工学院長), 遊橋先生, 岡崎先生

Titech Award, Group 4-24 (presented by Vice President Mizumoto)
Best Adviser's Award 4-2 (presented by Dean Wada)
God Prize, Group 4-4
Silver Prize, Group 4-24
Bronz Prize, Group 4-8
Special Prize, Group 4-4 (presented by Dr. Yuhashi & Dr. Okazaki)

Journal of Tokyo Tech Liberal Arts Mini-symposium,No.3 (2017.1.21) (special contents: proceedings andspeciallecture slides are inclueed in) is available inside Tokyo Tech.

Poster Presentation (before Mini-symposium)
(Group number, title, and members )

4-01 Park as Tourism Spot, Emergency Evacuation Center and Public employment service for refugee: Case Study of Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan (被災者就職支援を兼ねた災害避難所としての観光公園:代々木公園の事例研究)

4-02 Artificial intelligence food production system based on mathematical model(数理モデルに基づく、食糧生産の為の人工知能)
N.Fujita(藤田直樹),N. Roungpaisan(ナンジャポン ルアンパイサン),K.Tanizaki(谷崎浩一),H.Ozawa(小澤弘樹)

4-03 Craft house kit -to create a harmonious village quickly after disaster-(簡易家つくりキット-災害発生後に共に助け合う避難村のための-)

4-04 Noah's Colony: Sustainable Micro-Colony for Disaster Recuperation(ノアの方舟:災害復興のための自給可能な小型居住地)
T.Senbel(テイモア センベル),H.Zhang(章浩升),J.J.Choong(鍾俊錦),W.Tsunoda(津野田亘)

4-05 Personal life-saving bag for the after-disaster life.
1人になっても大丈夫! 困った災害時の強い味方「スーパーバック」

4-06 A novel method using e-skin for prompt detection and monitoring of disaster survivors(E-Skinを活用した健康状態のモニタリングと無線通信による被災者の迅速な救助を支援するシステムの提案)

4-07 Enjoy eating cellulose and solve food shortage problem(楽しくセルロースを食べて食糧問題を解決する)

4-08 Converting waste to electricity during disaster situation ?utilization of gasification and fuel cell(災害廃棄物を電気に-ガス化装置と燃料電池の連携)
B.Lokahita(バスコロ ロカヒタ),T.Horikawa(堀川知成),M.Chanthanumataporn(メリカ チャンタヌマタポン),I.Tamura(田村伊知郎)

4-09 Toward Portable Drinking Bottle Based on Seawater Desalination(海水の淡水化が可能な携帯型飲料用ボトルの開発)

4-10 Distributed water purification system with movability(可動性を備えた水浄化分散システム)

4-10 The Internet of things for disaster responses(災害に対するユビキタスネットワーク)

4-12 Smart emergency survival kit(多機能なサバイバルキット)

4-13 CityConnect City's Own Social Networking Service(CityConnect〜都市が運営する独自のSNS〜)

4-14 Surviving with Tsunami(津波に勝つ!)

4-15 Sub-district biomass power plant and automated disaster waste management system for the sustainable energy source(持続可能なエネルギーのための小地域バイオマス発電と災害ゴミ自動管理システム)

4-16 Simple & Sustainable Health Station: An alternative for first aids after Tokyo disasters(シンプル・サステナブルヘルスステーション:東京大災害時の代替的救急医療)

4-17 The application of a wireless power transmission for social infrastructure(無線送電の社会インフラに対する応用)

4-18 Multifunctional Self-sustaining System after Disaster(災害発生後のための多機能自活システム)

4-19 Easy-To-Use Education Pictogram-Flow for Self -Assistant in Earthquake(ユニバーサルデザインを目指した絵文字フローチャートによる地震時避難指示)

4-20 Color-coded scheme for instantaneous seismic damage assessment and recycled vehicle shock-absorbers as structural dampers(瞬時地震ダメージ測定のための色票表示法と車両ショックアブソーバーの構造ダンパーとしての再利用)

4-21 Leading-edge Manhole Emergency Toilets and New Emergency Toilet Map(最先端マンホールトイレと新たな緊急用トイレマップの提案)

4-22 Seawall for tsunami prevention with sustainable alert device(津波予測機能を備えた開閉式防波堤)

4-23 Sustainable Post-Disaster Waste Management(災害時に発生する廃棄物の利用)

4-24 Low Cost Delivery Robot in Daily Life and Emergency Cases(平時・災害時双方に向けた低コスト輸送ロボット)
T.Noma(野間大史),J.Chen(陳九廷),D.Ajima(安嶋大稀),W.Laosamathikul(ウィティター ラオサマティクン)

4-25 Optimal path finding for aged people and distribution system with big data under the disaster situation(災害時における高齢者に配慮した最適避難経路探索および食料配給ルート)

4-26 Bodily Waste and Energy in Shelters(避難所における排泄物とエネルギー)

4-27 Emergency Notification Smart Application(災害時の通知を可能にするアプリケーション)