2nd TokyoTech Liberal Arts Mini-symposium

2nd Tokyo Tech. Liberal Arts Mini-symposium

Beyond Prevention of Tokyo Disaster,

Information and Impact Management

12th, November, 2016 (Sat.)
West-9, Ookayama

Mini-symposium (open to Titech Staffs and Students) Agenda

Secial Lecture

Dr. Akihiko Terada (School of Science), "The Hazards and Benefits of Volcanoes"
寺田暁彦先生, "火山の災害と恵み"

Dr. Hiroshi Takagi (School of Environment and Society), "Unprecedented Disasters and Rational Evacuation -Lessons Learnt from Coastal Disaster Research for Asian Countries"
高木泰士先生, "予期せぬ災害と合理的な避難-アジアの沿岸域災害研究を通じて考える"

General Remark: President Naoyuki Mishima

Poster Presentation Award (presenter:President Mishima, Dr.Takagi & Dr. Terada)
Presidential Award, Group 3-15
God Prize, Group 3-19
Silver Prize, Group 3-24
Bronz Prize, Group 3-9
Special Prize, Group 3-10

Journal of Tokyo Tech Liberal Arts Mini-symposium,No.2 (2016.11.12) (special contents: proceedings andspeciallecture slides are inclueed in) is available inside Tokyo Tech.

Poster Presentation (before Mini-symposium)
(Group number, title, and members )

3-01 Rescue & Supply Drone Network (ドローンによる災害時初期救助ネットワーク)

3-02 Convini-Shelter vs Earthquake (コンビニシェルター vs 地震)

3-03 ALERT, disaster alert application (災害時の警報のための新しいアプリケーションの提案)

3-04 Novel Approaches for disaster response by Drones (ドローンを用いた災害時の新たな救援方法)

3-05 Disaster area information system  (災害エリアの情報システム)

3-06 Complex skyrocket network: robust information?sharing system for humanitarian aid (複雑のろしネットワーク:人道的支援を目的とした頑強な情報共有システム)

3-07 A "Palm-Sized Capsule" against Earthquakes (「手乗りカプセル」で地震被害を防ぐ)

3-08 Emergency Communication Networks for Disaster Management (災害管理のための非常用通信ネットワーク)

Bronz Prize
3-09 The 'Lunch box' Sized Portable Nuclear Power Plant (持ち運び可能な弁当箱サイズの原子力発電所) S. Aikawa(相川脩), W. Tsunoda(津野田 亘), R. SUN(孫榕蔚), Takayuki Takei(武井隆幸)

Special Prize
3-10 Let the shoes guide your way ---- The Smart Safety Shoes (3S) offering real-time evacuation routines (避難経路誘導はシューズにお任せ ---- リアルタイム避難経路を提供する自立発電型シューズSmart Safety Shoes (3S)) Z. Luo, P. Liu, Y. Kubota (久保田 雄太), Ken Kun Ratha

3-11 Drinking water treatment and setting treated water map on smartphone (飲料水処理とスマートフォン上の水供給位置表示)

3-12 Protection from space disaster (宇宙からの脅威に備える)

3-13 Prediction of future earthquakes from the observation of slow-slip events utilizing smartphone GPS (スロースリップの携帯GPS 観測に基づく地震予測)

3-14 Filtering Social Network Service for Emergency Alerts (災害警報のためのSNSフィルタリング)

Presidential Award
3-15 Advantage and disadvantage of "loss of memories on identity" on emergency scenes ("アイデンティティーに関する記憶の喪失"は災害時に有利か?不利か?) Shunsuke Sasaki; Koei Azuma; Madhawa Kaushalya; Hiroki Hamagami

3-16 Shelter Navi (シェルターナビ)

3-17 Super vending machines with energy harvesting vibration (振動からエネルギーを取り出すスーパー自動販売機)

3-18 Analyzing SNS Data for Automatically Priority Assignments in Disaster (SNSデータ活用による災害時の優先順位決定の自動化)

Gold Prize
3-19 Life Protected and Supported Pod in Emergency Disaster Outbreak (災害および非常事態時に向けたポッド型プロテクター生命維持装置) J. Chen(陳九廷), N. Fumiaki(西原史晃), L. Haritaipan, H. Zhang(章浩升)

3-20 Disaster-Go: Save you, Save me, Save us. (D-Go, みんなを守るアプリ)

3-21 Real-time Disaster Map from Satellite Imaging and SNS Service (SNSサービスを用いた実時間情報共有災害マップ)

3-22 Let's inform you are safe! (無事をみんなに知らせよう!)

3-23 Robust Electric Power Supply System against Disaster (災害に強い電力供給システム)

Silver Prize
3-24 GODZILLA Park for Disaster Evacuation Drill (防災訓練のためのゴジラパーク) Y. Saito(齋藤靖之), P. Rattanasuwan, H. Gao(高杭賢), S. Sugiyama(杉山新樹)

3-25 Using Drones in the Prevention and Evaluation of the Disaster (ドローンを用いた防災と被害評価)

3-26 Advertisement of emergency preparation through different media: Analysis on cost and effectiveness (効率的および経済的な備蓄の宣伝方法の検討)

3-27 How to escape from 10 m gap (10mの溝からの脱出方法)

3-28 Inhibition of influenza epidemic by early prediction and detection using familiar devices and IoT (身近なデバイスとIoT技術を用いたインフルエンザの発生予測,早期発見による流行の抑制)

3-29 Developing network generating algorithm of electricity back-up system for post-disaster period (被災時の電力バックアップシステムのネットワーク生成アルゴリズム構築)